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Lurpak world title spearheads drive in the Middle East

Press Release   •   Sep 29, 2000 10:26 CEST

The Butter World Championship won by Lurpak at the World Dairy Championships in Wisconsin, USA, in the spring is now the focus of a major Lurpak campaign in the Middle East.
The achievement is featured in a new Lurpak commercial and the gold medal, won by Varde Butter Dairy for its unsalted butter, is pictured on all Lurpak packaging throughout the region. In addition, all supermarkets have received a copy of the medal and the accompanying diploma.
The reaction from Arla Foods' customers has been highly encouraging:
"As the campaign is part of our strategy of adding value to the Lurpak brand, our customers have now been given a unique selling point," explains Rasmus Strande Hansen, Arla Foods' Overseas Division.
Arla Foods sells approximately 10,000 tons of Lurpak butter in the Middle East, where Lurpak with a market share of 50 per cent is the undisputed market leader. Saudi Arabia, the largest individual market for Lurpak, accounts for half the brand's sales in the region.