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MD becomes a feta expert in Holland

Press Release   •   Jul 08, 1999 15:00 CEST

"The Feta Encyclopaedia" is the title of a booklet which MD Foods is publishing in Holland in co-operation with Albert Heijn, the largest local retail chain. The booklet sets out the history of feta, the various production methods and provides a number of feta recipes.

Sales Director for Central Europe, Kim Pørksen, MD Foods explains that the retail chain has appointed MD Foods as its category manager and feta expert. This is because, out of the chain's eight feta products, MD Foods supplies six. The remaining two are Greek and German varieties.

"Our feta exports to the European market are increasing, with Holland as a particularly large market," says Kim Pørksen.

Overall, MD Foods accounts for 25 per cent of Holland's total cheese imports, corresponding to 4,000 tons. The figure includes cream cheese, mould cheese and mozzarella. Holland is renowned for its production of the yellow gouda cheese and Dutch cheese production consists almost exclusively of this type together with Maasdam and Edam.

Special cheeses are exported from other countries with MD Foods as the major supplier.