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Milk snacks for Saudi Arabian children

Press Release   •   Apr 28, 2003 11:21 CEST


There is now a healthy alternative to icecream and chocolate for Saudi Arabian children.

Arla Foods' Saudi Arabian subsidiary, Danya Foods, has just launched a new product, Hayya, under the Power Cow brand.

Hayya is a milk product with a pudding-like texture in three flavours - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. The products, which must be eaten straight from the classic triangular Tetrapak packaging, is produced from Danish milk powder at Danya Foods' plant in Riyadh.

The target group are children between the ages of 4 to 12. Indeed, 47% of Saudi Arabia's 22 million population are under 14.
No similar product is available in the Saudi Arabian market.
Consumer tests have shown a strong interest in the product and the launch of Hayya is supported by a hard-hitting campaign.

As 47 % of Saudi Arabia's 22 million population are under 14, the new milk snack, Hayya, with chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavour, is likely to go far.

Power Cow is a brand whose slogan "Healthy and fun for kids" appeals directly to young people. The range comprises a range of healthy, milk-based products including processed cheese in glass containers, flavoured milk and various snack products.

"Since the launch of the brand five years ago, sales have seen significant advances," says Business Unit Manager for Power Cow, Torben Nielsen. "This emphasises the need for products especially for kids."

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