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More foreign dairy products in Denmark

Press Release   •   Aug 24, 2000 13:10 CEST

From this week, Europe's fourth largest dairy company, the Dutch Campina Melkunie, will begin to supply double cream to Denmark's largest supermarket chain, FDB.

The German Nordmilch, Europe's fifth largest dairy company, already supplies yoghurt, double cream and butter to Dansk Supermarked.
Arla Foods' Director of Corporate Communications Peter Kjelstrup sees the increasing competition from Germany and Holland as yet another indication that monopolies cannot exist within the EU. "The market is becoming increasingly Europeanised and we should expect to see more cross-border dairy products sold in Europe," says Peter Kjelstrup.
FDB will sell Dutch double cream at a price level 10 per cent below that of Danish double cream.
"We regard the daily supply of fresh cream as important. We supply a high quality product and now we must wait and see whether consumers are prepared to pay more for our products," said Kjelstrup.
Campina Melkunie receives 4.7 billion kg milk and has a turnover of just under DKK 25 billion. Nordmilch receives 4.3 billion kg milk and has a turnover of approx. DKK 18 billion.