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More than 1 million respondents

Press Release   •   Jun 10, 1999 12:31 CEST

A consumer competition to promote MD's Puck range in Saudi Arabia has resulted in an enormous number of responses. No fewer than 1.25 million coupons arrived at MD's Saudi subsidiary, Danya Foods, during a three month campaign, which finished at the end of the year.
Although the Puck range is already hugely popular among Saudi consumers, a strongly contributing factor was undoubtedly the prizes on offer - 24 carat gold bars at a total value of 100,000 rials, approximately DKK 170,000 pounds.
The Puck range includes processed cheese in glass containers, long-life cream and individually wrapped processed cheese. With an awareness factor of 98 per cent, Puck is one of the best known brands among Saudi Arabia's 19 million inhabitants. Puck processed cheese is the Saudi market leader within its category.