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Name change worldwide

Press Release   •   Jun 08, 2000 15:59 CEST

While most Danes were sleeping soundly in their beds, the subsidiary in Tokyo was the first to discard the old MD name in favour of the new one - Arla Foods. Later, staff at the Tokyo office celebrated with a lunch comprising Danish "frikadeller" (meatballs) and Japanese sushi.

…And so began the name change around the world. A special cake decorated with the Arla Foods' logo was served in Bangladesh while Saudi Arabia celebrated with a glass or two of lemonade. In Götene, in Sweden, a giant Arla Foods sign was unveiled above Götene Dairy and at Klovborg Dairy in Denmark the old Kløver sign was taken down and replaced with green ovals. In Stockholm Divisional Director Hans-Åke Hammarström enjoyed a celebratory drink with his staff while Deputy Group Managing Director Åke Modig and Chairman Lars Lamberg marked this special day with the other members of the Group management team and 800 staff in a marquee in Viby. In Newcastle, Dairy Manager Craig Blower and Deputy Mayor Carole Gambling planted a tree, while Oakthorpe Dairy presented their Arla Foods 'birthday' cake to a next-door primary school, together with a donation to the school's playground appeal.

On the other side of the Atlantic, "gauchos" served champagne to staff at Arla Foods' subsidiary in Argentina. And the US and Canada finally caught up with the noon-time celebrations at 6 pm "Arla time" when staff at the New Jersey subsidiary tucked into a Scandinavian-style buffet.

The official name change to Arla Foods, was thus suitably celebrated in all corners of the world.

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