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New MD design in the Nordic countries

Press Release   •   Nov 22, 1999 15:22 CET

Consumers in Sweden, Finland and Norway are currently experiencing MD Foods' cheese range (feta, mould, and shredded cheese as well as danbo) in a new and updated design. The new packaging, which prominently displays the black-and-white MD cow, is intended to create stronger consumer recognition as well as acting as a stamp of quality.
"The new design will make MD more visible in the market place," says Rolf Bonde Petersen, European Marketing Manager, MD's Europe Division. "The use of the MD trademark as a common feature in our marketing activities means that consumers will better recognise the products on supermarket shelves and, over time, become increasingly loyal to our products."
The new Nordic design is part of the Europe Division's strategy to establish MD as an umbrella brand for a number of MD's products in international markets.
Meanwhile, two new mould cheeses from MD have arrived in Swedish stores - the white mould, Høng CremeVit, and the blue mould, Høng BlåVit.
MD Foods' annual exports of cheese to Sweden, Norway and Finland total 12,500 tons. In all three countries, MD is the market leader within the feta segment. In Sweden, MD Foods' mould cheese also leads the market.