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No to additives in organic milk products

Press Release   •   Mar 29, 2001 21:04 CEST

Arla Foods, Europe’s largest producer of organic milk products, supports the criticism levelled in Denmark against the EU Commission’s proposal to extend the number of permitted additives in organic milk products by 50.

“As the proposal will water down organic production, this is entirely the wrong way to go,” said Arla Foods’ Director of Corporate Affairs, Peter Kjelstrup.

“Fortunately, we can continue to avoid using additives in organic milk products. But we believe that such authorisation will harm people’s confidence in organic production. It simply sends out the wrong signal.”

Arla Foods’ organic milk products account for around half the sales of organic food in Denmark. However, Arla Foods does not recommend new Danish legislation as this may create problems in export markets at a later stage.

“And it’s not necessary either,” added Peter Kjelstrup, “because we do not use additives in our organic milk products, nor do we intend to use them.”

Arla Foods is currently tightening the requirements regarding organic miolk and dairy production. A premium is being paid to milk producers who feed their herds 100 per cent organic feed, despite the fact that legislation allows a 10 per cent non-organic content.

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