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Norwegians take to Danish feta

Press Release   •   May 16, 2002 13:01 CEST

Danish feta from Arla Foods is becoming increasingly popular with Norwegian consumers.

Currently no less than 94% of all feta sold in Norway is imported from Denmark.

Over the past year, Arla Foods has more than doubled its sales of feta to its Scandinavian neighbour – resulting in a shortage of Arla feta in brick-packs. In view of the forthcoming peak season for salads, however, Arla Foods' Norwegian subsidiary has high expectations for future feta sales.

"The summer season is set to beat all records,” believes Product Manager Mads L. Thygesen from Arla Foods’ Norwegian subsidiary, which launches a large-scale campaign for Apetina feta in the summer.

Regional Director Frede Juulsen points out that besides feta, Arla Foods has succeeded in introducing a range of cheese specialities to Norwegian shops over and above the Norwegian import quota for cheese.

"Our broad range means that shops are keen to have Arla Foods’ products on their shelves,” said Frede Juulsen. “This is why they’re willing to pay part of the levy on imports above the quota.”

Last year Arla Foods’ turnover in Norway totalled around DKK 100 million.