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On the way to Tagatose approval

Press Release   •   Apr 05, 2000 16:08 CEST

MD Foods has over the past three years worked with the development product Tagatose, a low-calorie bulk sweetener. Presently, MD Foods is pursuing a GRAS approval in the US for Tagatose.

Three years ago, MD Foods acquired the worldwide exclusive license right for the use of Tagatose as a low calorie sweetener from Biospherics. Inc. The recently reported review of Tagatose for use in drugs, toothpastes and mouthwashes was undertaken solely by Biospherics Inc., and is separate and distinct from MD Foods’ ongoing GRAS review for use in foods.
During this spring, MD Foods expect to have a third GRAS meeting. It is MD Foods’ intention to continue this constructive process.
Upon a finding that Tagatose can be determined GRAS in foods, MD Foods intends to notify the FDA.
Also, MD Foods will continue its efforts to achieve JECFA approval at the annual JECFA meeting in June.