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Organic cream cheese for the UK

Press Release   •   Jun 10, 1999 12:31 CEST

From June, MD Foods will be supplying organic cream cheese as an own label product to a major UK multiple. The launch is likely to be the forerunner of a series of organic products from MD Foods to hit the UK market later in the year.

"The initiative stems from the fact that we now have the necessary milk available for this production," says Finn Kolby-Larsen, Marketing Director, UK Division. "Until recently, we didn't have sufficient milk to meet consumer demand in Denmark. This is a situation that we don't want to see repeated."

"The multiples expect a supply reliability which we haven't been able to offer until now," he adds.

MD Foods is currently supplying 600 tons of organic butter to Britain, i.e. approx. 70 % of the market for this type of butter product.

A survey carried out by UK consumers in the spring shows an increasing interest in organic products.

"The potential is clearly there," says Finn Kolby-Larsen. "40 % of the respondents, for instance, confirmed that they had purchased an organic product during the past three years. This is twice the number of only three years ago."

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