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Rising sales of organic yoghurt

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2001 15:44 CEST

While sales of organic milk and cheese in the UK account for less than 1% of the total for the two categories, sales of organic yoghurt are booming. Currently no less than 7% of the total yoghurt market is accounted for by organic yoghurt.

In the butter segment, organic butter accounts for 3% of the total volume.
Since the launch of Harmonie Minimilk, sales of organic milk products in the Danish market have increased by 5%, from 24% to 29%. Organic butter has a market share of 6% and organic cheese 3%. At 8% Danish sales of organic yoghurt are roughly in line with UK sales. However, whereas sales seem to have stabilised in Denmark, sales in the UK, including those of Arla Foods, are forging ahead.

”Until now organic butter has been our fastest growing organic product,” said Senior Brand Manager in the UK Division Laurent Ponty. “Today, however, this position has been claimed by yoghurt. ”

Over the next few weeks Arla Foods will be launching three new organic yoghurts in the UK market: vanilla, peach-vanilla and strawberry in 175 gram cartons with a fat content of only 0.2%.

“As in Denmark there is a clear trend towards low-fat products,” Ponty said. “We hope that the three new products will appeal to consumers who eat yoghurt as a snack. Until now this segment has had no organic alternative.”

All three varieties are made at Brabrand Dairy.

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