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Sales boom for fermented dairy products

Press Release   •   Jul 22, 2004 14:47 CEST


Over the past 5 years, consumption of fermented products in Denmark has increased by 25%, a survey carried out by the Danish Dairy Board has revealed.

Last year, Danes consumed 101 million litres of yoghurt, A38, junket etc. corresponding to a 5 year rise of 25%. Between 2002-2003, the increase totalled close to 9%.

The main reason for the increase is that eating habits are changing and the products have been adjusted accordingly,” explains Product Manager Lisa Nielsen. “Fermented dairy products have become more accessible so that consumers can enjoy them regardless of whether they’re out and about or at home.

Today, for instance, you can not only buy a carton of yoghurt or a Mini Meal in the supermarket, but also at filling stations and other convenience outlets.”

New consumers

Both 1 litre cartons or portion packs are showing growth

Consumption patterns have changed so that, for instance, yoghurt, which used to be a breakfast product, is now eaten later in the day as well,” says Lisa Nielsen. “It’s very easy to take a carton out of the fridge for a snack. Also, the launch of A38 Natural with 1.5% fat has also attracted new consumers especially the younger age group, who pay particular attention to fat content.”

Fermented drinks increasing too

Cultura drinking yoghurt, another product which is seeing substantial growth, is not included in the survey. Fermented drinks are included in the “milk-based drinks” category, which accounted for a 10% increase between 2002-2003. Overall, volumes are modest. Last year, the consumption of milk-based drinks totalled 11 million litres milk.

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