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Strike affects exports to Norway

Press Release   •   May 04, 2000 12:28 CEST

A strike involving 85,000 Norwegian workers, which started last Wednesday, is beginning to impact on Arla Foods' exports from Sweden to Norway. Only about 30 per cent of Swedish exports of butter and yoghurt are currently reaching their destination and cheese exports will begin to be affected from next week.

Production at Arla Foods' Disenå Dairy in Norway is normal. However, if the strike continues into next week, the dairy's production of brie and camembert will have to be cut by 50 per cent.
Dairy products from Denmark have not been affected yet. Lars Poulsen, head of Arla Foods' Norwegian subsidiary, reports that the strike has only affected the large multiples to a limited extent and that orders have been coming in as usual.
"It's difficult to assess the extent of the strike," explains Lars Poulsen. "Norwegian consumers reacted just as the Danes did during the strike two years ago. They began to clear supermarket shelves of milk, bread and yeast the day before the strike started."