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Successful Japanese cheese negotiations

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2000 18:41 CEST

Successful negotiations concerning the coming six months' cheese supplies to Japan will enable Arla Foods to increase sales by 15 per cent on the spring contract period.

"Cheese consumption in Japan is increasing steadily by 3-4 per cent per year and we place great importance on the market," says Regional Director Erik Johansen who negotiates the contracts with Japan twice a year.

"In January, we raised prices slightly, but this time we have kept them unchanged because of prevailing market conditions."

Denmark is currently the third largest cheese supplier to Japan, the world's largest net importer of cheese with a total consumption of slightly less than 2 kg.

(By comparison, consumption is 16 kg cheese per capita per year in Denmark.)

Cheese for catering, i.e. processed cheese, cheese cake, pizza, pasta dishes, etc. account for the majority of sales.

The three types, samsø, maribo and nippon for the Japanese market will be made at Taulov Dairy.