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Swedish astronaut to advise on space yoghurt

Press Release   •   Jun 27, 2002 16:31 CEST

The swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang,44.

Christer Fuglesang, the Swedish astronaut poised to become the first Swede in space, is joining the Arla Foods/NASA development project for dairy products for space travellers.

Fuglesang, who works for NASA (The North American Space Agency) will taste the forthcoming products and offer general advice.

”This means that he’ll be involved in the final selection of the products. Since Fuglesang represents our target group we regard his participation as enormously valuable,” explains Project Manager Kajsa Ohlson, Arla Foods Innovation in Stockholm, Sweden. Kajsa Ohlson is a member of the project team behind the Lacmos project, the name given to the Arla Foods/Nasa partnership.

44 year-old Christer Fuglesang has been attached to the European space organisation, ESA since 1992 and has been seconded to NASA since 1996. In June 2003 he will become the first Swede in space, when he travels to the international space station ISS.

”We’re quite excited by the thought that the first space products from Arla Foods will join the first Swede in space,” said Carsten Hallund Slot, Project Manager at Arla Foods Innovation and head of the group’s Lacmos team.