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Tagatose is good for teeth

Press Release   •   Dec 05, 2002 16:51 CET

The American Food Agency (FDA) is adding an amendment to its directive on caries to include the low-calorie sweetener Gaio tagatose from Arla Foods.

A carbohydrate which is slowly fermented by micro-organisms in the mouth, Gaio tagatose produces less acid than other carbohydrates. According to the FDA, there is considerable scientific agreement that slowly fermenting carbohydrate based sugar substitutes result in reduced caries.

This means that US consumers can now be told that Gaio tagatose does not cause tooth decay and that it may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Business Development Manager, Kristian Eriknauer, Arla Foods Ingredients, believes FDA’s decision can be highly valuable in communications with US consumers.

“Food producers can now advertise another positive characteristic of Gaio tagatose, besides its low calorie content and positive effects on digestion,” says Kristian Eriknauer.

Gaio tagatose, which is extracted from lactose, can, for example, be used as a sweetener in soft drinks and breakfast cereals.