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Taulov is up and running

Press Release   •   Mar 24, 2000 10:31 CET

Although the new, large Taulov Dairy is in its running-in phase, the dairy has, since February 15, produced 250 tons cheese per week, corresponding to a total of 12-13,000 tons per year. This means that production has now reached half the annual production of 25,000 tons envisaged for the new dairy.

Having already taken over production of rindless cheese from Bov Dairy, Taulov will also take over production from Nordenskov Dairy following Nordenskov's closure on June 15. The large dairy is also responsible for storing Riberhus.
The 25,000 tons cheese comprises 7,000 tons danbo and approx. 18,000 tons samsø and maribo.
The dairy currently employs a staff of 90 rising to 130 during the year.