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The lid off for Lurpak

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 1999 16:49 CEST

Just two weeks after the launch, 600,000 butter dishes have been sold to shops in the UK where customers are queuing up to take them home.

The ceramic butter dishes, which come gift-wrapped with Lurpak butter, carry the Lurpak logo and have Douglas, the main figure in the renowned TV commercials for Danish butter, on the lid.  "Sales are running above all expectations," says Henrik Nygård, Marketing Manager, MD Foods plc. "Based on store estimates, we have made a total of 885,000 dishes. The campaign is one of the largest ever for Lurpak and we will continue to provide strong support for our brand which recently proved its strength when a 10p cut for the competing brand, Anchor Butter, made no impact on Lurpak sales."

Since the introduction of Lurpak Spreadable in January 1997, Lurpak has won a market share of 30 per cent of the market for butter and spreadables.