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The red Arla brand launched on Swedish milk cartons

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2003 11:45 CET


 The red Arla brand now features on milk cartons in Arla Foods’ largest market, Sweden.

On January 2, Swedish consumers woke up to their new milk cartons which now carry both the familiar red Arla Cow and the red Arla brand.
Initially appearing on conventional full-cream milk, semi-skimmed milk, mini-milk and skimmed milk, the brand will later be included on organic milk.

“The Arla brand will support the Arla name and make it easier for consumers to recognize our products, explained Product Group Manager Karin Nummelin, Sweden Division.
“The Arla Cow has been voted Sweden’s strongest trademark several times and has a very strong position in the minds of Swedish consumers. This is why we’ve decided to retain the cow on cartons.”

As in Denmark and other European markets the Arla Brand will be utilized on a number of specially selected products. The two reduced fat sliced cheeses, Magré and Kadett, will be launched under the Arla brand towards the end of January.

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