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The result for the first half year: DKK 81 million

Press Release   •   Jun 10, 1999 12:31 CEST

The result for the MD Foods' Group for the first half year 1998/99 totals DKK 81 million. The result is the first following the merger between MD Foods and Kløver Mælk which, in terms of the accounts, was backdated to September 28, 1998. The result for the same period last year (MD Foods only) was DKK 292 million. The figures cover the period September 28 – April 11.
The result ex farm amounted to 233.48 øre per kg standard milk supplied against 247.66 øre for the same period last year.
Managing Director Jens Bigum, MD Foods, describes the result as "highly unsatisfactory", reflecting the tough competition in the domestic market.
"The task is now to maximise the rationalisation gains and thus ensure better results for the coming years," says Jens Bigum who expects the result for the second half year to be "better than the first half year."