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Two out of three new products are low-fat

Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2002 16:36 CET

Low-fat versions are now available in most dairy product categories in Denmark.

During the twelve months from November 2000-November 2001, the Denmark Division launched more than 40 new products of which two-thirds qualified as low-fat. This development is partly due to increasing consumer focus on fat. Arla Foods’ skills at creating new products that are both low on fat and tasty have also played a role.

The demand for low-fat products has reached a level where sales in some product categories would be likely to fall without the availability of a low-fat version.

In Sweden, too, the trend is towards low-fat dairy products. The Lätt och Lagom blend with a fat content of 40% was launched in a new 30% version in November. This week, a flavoured crème fraiche with a fat content of 13.5% will be launched. The product offers a fat reduction of 55% compared to existing crème fraiche varieties.
The Denmark Division will launch another three low-fat products in the new year: Cheasy Fromage Frais 0.2% with raspberry or vanilla and a cheese, i.e. Cheasy 6% semi-matured.

The rising demand for low-fat dairy products is likely to have consequences for Arla Foods’ milk payment system. A proposal for changing the milk payment model to reflect protein in milk rather than fat is currently being considered by Arla Foods’ co-operative owners.