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UK: 60 Arla Foods suppliers were hit by foot & mouth epidemic

Press Release   •   Jan 17, 2002 11:21 CET

Nearly 1 year after the outbreak of the British foot & mouth epidemic, the British Government this week announced that the UK is now free of foot & mouth. A total of 2,030 cases of the dreaded disease were recorded, resulting in the culling of 4 million animals.

Approximately 60 out of the 600 dairy herds which supply milk to Arla Foods were destroyed. The figure comprises herds hit by the disease as well as herds belonging to neighbouring farms.
Arla Foods collects approximately 50% of the 900 million litres milk received per annum with the remainder bought from milk supply associations.

With a few exceptions, the extensive preventative measures introduced during the epidemic are continuing, including disinfection of tankers at farms and dairies.
As the EU has not yet lifted the restrictions applying to the UK, Arla Foods’ special regulations pertaining to the UK continue in Denmark and Sweden.