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UK: Arla Foods' supplier hit by food-and-mouth

Press Release   •   Mar 29, 2001 21:02 CEST

One of the approx. 700 foot-and-mouth cases confirmed in the UK has affected an Arla Foods supplier.

The disease was found in Lancashire last Thursday in a herd of 70 dairy cows which was subsequently destroyed. The British authorities are expected to announce which herds near the affected farm have to be destroyed.
The one case does not mean any changes of the already extensive measures implemented by Arla Foods since the epidemic started at the end of February. Since then, all tanks are disinfected before and after collecting the milk from the farms, as are the milk tubes attached to the tankers. In addition, all vehicles and people entering or leaving the dairies are also treated with disinfectant.
"We're doing everything we possibly can to prevent the disease from spreading," says Supplier Contact Manager Ian Cameron, Arla Foods.
"Our suppliers are deeply worried. They are isolated on their farms and the tanker is just about their only contact with the outside world. They're anxiously waiting for the moment when the epidemic strikes them". Around half of the approx. 900 million litres milk processed by Arla Foods in the UK is collected by Arla Foods, while the rest is purchased from supplier companies.