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UK officially free of Foot & Mouth

Press Release   •   Jan 24, 2002 12:25 CET

The UK was declared officially free of Foot & Mouth on Tuesday, 22 January, by the international organisation, OIE, which co-ordinates the battle against the disease.

This means that people who have visited the UK are now allowed to enter Arla Foods’ dairies in Denmark and Sweden.

Nevertheless, last week Arla Foods decided to maintain the most important of the temporary Foot & Mouth precautionary measures at its production plants in Denmark and Sweden.
The new permanent measures mean that individuals outside the organisation and staff working within transport, milk reception, production, processing and distribution at the production plants cannot, as a general rule, enter an Arla Foods’ dairy until 48 hours after their arrival in Denmark or Sweden if they have previously visited a country with Foot & Mouth disease.

Access to Danish/Swedish herds by individuals who have been in contact with cloven-footed animals outside Denmark and Sweden is only permitted after a 48 hour stay in Denmark and Sweden. People who have visited countries with Foot & Mouth can only gain access to herds after a two day stay in Denmark or five days in Sweden. Tanker drivers must not have any contact with cloven-footed animals during their work.