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Visitors flock to Taulov Dairy

Press Release   •   Oct 18, 2001 17:51 CEST

In the twelve months since October 1, 2000, 8,547 people have visited Taulov dairy. Including the 5,611 visitors whose tours were cancelled following the Food & Mouth scare, a total of 14,000 people have expressed an interest in learning more about the dairy’s cheese production.

“This is a surprising figure,” says Sanne Vinther who points out that even more visitors would have come had it not been for Foot & Mouth. “Originally we had expected 12,000 visitors and we thought that was on the high side.”

At Arla Foods’ other two Danish visitor dairies, Brabrand and Slagelse, the number of visitors is in line with the forecast, i.e. 4,377 at Brabrand (plus 1,600 cancellations owing to Foot & Mouth) and 1,606 at Slagelse (248 cancellations).
Arla Foods has no equivalent visitor centre in Sweden. Instead, Arla Minor is a scheme whereby children between the ages of 6 and 9 visit farms. Last year, 37,000 children visited the 350 “minor farms”.