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Vote on Greece’s rights to the feta name

Press Release   •   May 16, 2002 12:57 CEST

On Thursday, a special EU administrative committee will vote on whether Greece is entitled to exclusive rights to the name ”feta.”

The outcome is expected to favour Greece. However, since Denmark, Germany and the UK are expected to vote against, the issue is likely to be brought before the Council of Ministers for a final decision.

The Danish Dairy Board’s representative in Brussels, Hans Bender, expects the Council to arrive at its decision before the summer recess. The decision has significant importance in respect of the protection of cheese names in that both Holland and France have lodged similar applications for exclusive rights to the Gouda, Edam, Brie and Camembert names.

The Swedish and Finnish governments previously supported the ”no” side. However, the two countries recently made a U-turn and now support Greece.

Denmark last year exported approximately 25,000 tons feta to Greece.