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Widespread measures in UK

Press Release   •   Mar 09, 2001 14:44 CET

Arla Foods’ UK dairies have taken all possible measures in the battle against foot and mouth.

Here, too, disinfectant is the key measure against the epidemic. It is, for instance, used for vehicles arriving at or departing from the dairies.
Staff living on farms, or with contact to farms, are obliged to take extra precautions to avoid spreading the disease via clothes or footwear.
Tankers and their drivers also following strict rules. Tankers are sprayed with disinfectant before entering and leaving farms while drivers’ gloves and boots are similarly treated. The farm liaison team has suspended visits to all farms for the duration of the crisis.
Farm liaison manager Ian Cameron said: “We have introduced a range of measures which exceed those required under foot and mouth disease legislation. These include decontamination procedures at every farm, not just those in affected areas. We want to do everything we possibly can to support farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in containing this tragic outbreak.”