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Work continues in Saudi Arabia

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2001 14:56 CEST

Last week’s tragedies in New York and Washington have not had any significant repercussions on operations at Arla Foods’ Saudi subsidiary, Danya.

“Obviously, we’re deeply saddened by what happened in America and concerned about what the future holds. For now, however, life continues as normal,” says Director Peter Guldager.
Emphasising the need for keeping a cool head, Guldager says:
“We’re getting on with our lives and using our common sense. Although local people here agree that events of the past days have been tragic there remains a certain amount of wariness of the Western response.”
The atrocities have not led to any added security measures in the compound near Riyadh, where Arla Foods’ European staff and their families live.
“We’re monitoring the situation closely and are in regular contact with the Danish Embassy. In addition, everyone is keeping themselves informed via TV. As rumours abound, this is particularly important.”
Arla Foods’ subsidiary in Saudi Arabia employs 580 people from 16 nationalities and several different faiths. Of these 220 work at the dairy and at the head office in Riyadh. Among the staff, the terrorists’ actions have not resulted in any tension.
“Our staff includes Hindus, Christians and Muslims,” explains Peter Guldager. “We’re used to working together and we’ve never had any problems. However, our Pakistani staff, understandably, worry about what could happen to their families and friends back home.”