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Yoggi Yalla becomes even tastier

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2003 11:02 CET

Sweden Division launches two new types of Yoggi Yalla

Arla Foods has launched two new varieties of the Swedish drinking yoghurt, Yoggi Yalla

"We know that consumers want new and interesting flavour combinations,” says Madeleine Gössner, Product Manager from Sweden Division’s Marketing Department. “This is precisely what the two new Yoggi Yalla products offer”.

Yoggi Yalla, which is produced at Brabrand Mejeri, was launched in 2001 and has become one of Arla Foods’ greatest successes in the Swedish market in recent years.

With a market share of 73%, Yoggi Yalla is spearheading the rapidly growing market for drinking yoghurt. The two new varieties, raspberry-pomegranate-guarana and mango-kombucha will help secure this position.

Yoggi Yalla is produced at Brabrand Mejeri.

Mango-kombucha combines the sweet taste of mango with the slightly bitter taste of kombucha, a type of tea which originally comes from China and Russia. Raspberry-pomegranate-guarana is in the same bitter-sweet category. Guarana, which contains caffeine, is extracted from the seed of the Brazilian liane plant.