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Yoghurt for British breakfast

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2002 12:35 CET

As a healthy alternative to the traditional British breakfast of bacon and eggs, Arla Foods UK Division, in partnership with the UK's largest multiple, Tesco, has developed three exciting breakfast.

"Around 70% of all yoghurt in Denmark and Sweden is consumed in the mornings," explains Ove Lindbjerg Pedersen, Marketing Controller, the UK Division. "In the UK the figure is only 10%."

"When British consumers eat yoghurt, they generally do so as a snack or as a dessert in 150-200 g cartons. The fact that they can now buy a drinking yoghurt in one-litre cartons is quite a novelty. It's a slightly more expensive and tastier alternative to milk - and is ideal for pouring over breakfast cereals.

Another product corresponding to the Danish Cheasy will be available in 450 g cartons and in a carton like Mini Meal (with accompanying topping) designed as a quick snack.

The products, which are produced at Brabrand Dairy, are well-known in Denmark and Sweden and have been adapted to British taste. They will be sold under Tesco's own label.

British consumers can now pour drinking
yoghurt on their breakfast cereal.