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Bild   •   Mär 26, 2019 01:01 CET

Image Name: Blaskimo Image Description: By definition most people are “normal”. Some want to be different and follow the norms of a specific social or cultural tribe, they are normal too. And there are those who would laugh at nonsensical categorizations, who don’t believe in or live by conventions, who create their own reality and live it naturally. They are the subject of Pol Kurucz’s last photo series: genuine eccentrics, weirdos and lunatics who in the eyes of the photographer are the new normals. Shooting for this last series took entirely place in the Kolor Studio, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, where all the sets and accessories were built by the Kolor Art Collective. Most models, performers, and actors featured in the photos come from the city’s humanist microcosm and themselves belong to redefined group of the excentrics. Series Name: The Normals
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Fotograf / Quelle © Pol Kurucz, France, Shortlist, Professional, Creative, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards
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