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Nicholas Mercieca

Direction and Technical Guru - All of it, for the moment

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I have been an passionate motorcyclist for many years. I try and ride each and everyday, it's my form of meditation. my passion is so strong I thought lets see how far I can go and subsequently completed the Iron Butt, covering 1,761 kms in about 22 hours, quite the saddle sore day. I have also had the privilege of meeting some great riders like Charlie Boorman.

There is not one single aspect I enjoy about motorcycling, it is everything from meeting people, to riding great roads, to working on bikes and just generally being happy when out and about.

I really enjoy finding products which the motorcycle market really needs, though many of my products do lend themselves to many other markets, such as the Juno Jumper, Neutrino Black Box, and GloveTacts. Interacting with these companies has been a really pleasurable part of being in the motorcycling industry.

I have been part of the advocacy arm of motorcycling, having taken on committee positions when the opportunity arises.

The best part of this whole experience, is the amount of learning that comes from anything your passionate about.