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2 Men and a Truck – A Better and More Convenient Way

Press release   •   Feb 20, 2017 17:20 AEDT

Moving InterstateConveniently Get Help Moving Your Home or Business

Are you a homeowner in the process of moving to your new house? Are you the owner of a business that needs to be moved quickly and professionally? Perhaps you need to make a really big, long-distance move? Zoom Relocations will help you move items from your home or business in Sydney, Australia, whether it’s only moving a few items or moving a large amount of possessions across the interstate to Melbourne or Brisbane.

Zoom Relocations offer a wide array of moving services categorized by the number of workers and trucks needed for your individual moving needs. Some of these include:

- Mighty Mouse: 2 Men and a 3 Ton Truck – This is a great option if you have only a few items to move or an office with 3 or less employees. As described in the title, there will be two men with a 3 ton truck that will come to your home or office and help you begin the moving and transportation process.

- Big Foot: 2 Men and a 4.5 Tonne Truck – Big Foot is ideal for 1-2 bedroom jobs or offices with 4-6 employees, and provides a decent sized truck that will still easily move through inner city areas throughout Sydney.

- Goliath: 2 Men and a 6-7 Tonne Truck – This service is ideal for 2-3 bedroom homes or offices with 7-9 employees. If you need medium-to-large scale movement help that also includes outdoor and garage items, Goliath is a good option.

- Godzilla: 2 Men and a 10-12 Tonne Truck – Good for 3-4 bedroom homes and 10-12 employee offices. Ideal for furniture, sports equipment, and other larger sized items.

- Moby Dick: 2 Men and a 14-16 Ton Truck – This service is geared toward 4-5 bedroom homes and 15+ employee offices. As the name suggests, this services does giant-sized moving jobs.

Zoom Relocations also offers more services for smaller jobs (one man) as well as much larger jobs (3 men). Their flexibility and customer-oriented services are truly what set them apart from their competitors!

About Zoom Relocations

Zoom Relocations is a budget removalist firm in Sydney, Australia and they have a track record of doing over 9000 moves every year. They pride themselves in having a good reputation and provide high quality services that are also fast and affordable. Aside from offering various Interstate Removalists Sydney moving truck services, they also offer their customers:

- Pre-packing services
- Movement of fine arts, antiques, and pianos
- A free quote calculator on their website
- Flexible rates and optional extras

Why Moving Service Matters

Your possessions are important to you, and you want them to be moved safely as well as quickly so that you can start unpacking at your new House Removalists or office as soon as possible. This requires a moving service that is affordable, reliable, and flexible to you individual needs and budget. Considering Zoom Relocations’ multiple truck and removalist services, they are a great option if you’re hoping to find a better and more convenient way to pack and transport your items throughout Sydney.

Zoom Removals is Sydney's favorite budget removalist firm. With over 9000 moves every year, you can be assured that you're working with one of Sydney's most reputable removalist companies.