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A New Solution for Personal Time Management

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2011 23:24 AEDT

Bundy Specialists have entered the personal time management field with the release of a new offering on their website, the Free Online Time Clock. This latest in Bundy's range is available online now at their website* and is completely free to use, no signup is required# and is simple to use for personal task management.

Bundy Specialists have designed the Online Time clock in response to a specific need, simple task tracking. There is currently an abundance of project management, task tracking, time and job costing software now available online. These solutions can have built-in functionality for live updates and real-time reports and summaries, aimed at the advanced user in a large organisation, but too complicated for an individual user to setup for their own personal time management.

Many users only need to list tasks, organise those tasks, and keep track of progress. The all new Free Online Time Clock allows users to do this without complicated setup. A simple three step process of add task names, put tasks in order, then track the amount of time spent on each tasks, is all available on one page. Imagine your very own personal bundy clock, you are the owner, manager and employee. Clock on when you start a task and clock off when you complete it. Bundy's Online Time Clock will also email the completed logs to a nominated address, still all on the same simple one web-page.

The Online Time Clock combines simple setup with ease of use to present an essential tool for managing personal time effectively. It is available freely online for use 24hrs a day 365 days a year for individuals who make time count.

* Bundy Specialists website for the Online Time Clock is http://www.bundyspecialists.com.au/online-time-clock.php

# Sign-up is optional, and can be used to save logs

Bundy Specialists have been servicing the Time and Attendance needs of Sydney businesses with over 40 years of experience behind them. They specialise in online time clock sales and distribution as well as remote support for electronic time clock systems.