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A practice management on boarding process made to work

Press Release   •   Jan 12, 2016 01:21 AEDT

When you're operating a business and things aren't quite running as smoothly as they could be, it can feel like a bit of a gamble when deciding what to do about it. Do you take action and implement a change, that may in the short term take a bit more effort than usual, but pay off in the long term? Or do you simply decide to push forward with things as they are and hope for the best?


This situation often comes up in Allied Health practices when it comes to software, particularly within practice management. Software change can understandably be daunting for some and cause apprehension when considering the added training required on top of existing workloads.

However, with the appropriate level of planning and regular interaction between each party involved, we at Gensolve have developed and honed in on boarding process that, with the below guide, ensures the on boarding experience to Gensolve practice management software is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Remember why you chose to change - Sometimes, in the midst of change, it can be easy to forget why you decided on that change in the first place. And sometimes, complacency and doing nothing can seem so much easier. Regularly reminding yourself about why you're doing this for your practice is a great way to stay centred and make sure any stage of the process doesn't overwhelm you.

Delegate appropriately - You'll want to choose key personnel to take on a project management role throughout the process. Generally, team members who have a thorough understanding of the current process you follow, and how it will be achieved in the new environment are good people to task with this.

Read correspondence and follow the steps - Don't worry, we won't leave you to fend for yourself at any stage throughout this process. We will be sending you all the information and details you'll need, so it's important you read any correspondence you receive from us carefully and work through the onboarding steps that will be provided.

Ask questions - While Gensolve's allied health software is easy to use, it's important to remember it's still a complex piece of software. If anything in the correspondence isn't clear enough or leaves anything out that you think is important, please contact us and ask. That goes for anything else that comes up as well.

We really do want your feedback - Similar to the above, if there's anything that comes up that you're just not sure works in the best way for you, we want to hear about it. And in detail! If you're having issues with any part of the process of onboarding, please help us keep those lines of communication open and let us know what it is and how you could work better with it.

The support tools are there for you to use - Take advantage of our Support Centre, which is available 24/7 whenever you might need it. This has a whole bunch of resources designed specifically for you to increase your knowledge of the Gensolve cloud medical software and get the most out of it that you can.

Coordination of training and Go Live - Speaking of going live, we encourage you to have a little time between handover and your internal Go Live date. This is your time to consider your financials and find what works with closing off one practice management system and beginning another.

Training - Take advantage of the time you'll spend with the trainers. They're here to ensure you have a more thorough understanding of how things work in our particular environment and want to help you.

Go Live handover - When the big day comes, our support team will be available to assist you from the beginning.

Feel supported moving forward - Being familiar with our Support Centre already will help you to feel empowered as you move on past your Go Live and integrate Gensolve Practice Manager into your daily practice life. And just remember, if anything comes up, you can always submit a support ticket and we'll be there to assist you.

Following this easy guide when you're making the move to Gensolve Practice Manager will ensure your transition is a smooth and efficient one. Contact us today to find out how we can provide you with comprehensive online practice management software.

Gensolve Practice Manager is the leading Cloud Based practice and patient management system, offering an easy to use, cost effective end to end solution for all Allied Health Professionals.