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Advantages Of Buying A Gardening Franchise

Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2016 20:37 AEDT

Join The Fox TeamFRANCHISING: Defined frankly...

Taken that you are already familiar with the term, still, in a nutshell, a franchise is:

A business established or operated under an authorization to sell or distribute a company's goods or services in a particular area.

• Why Franchising?

It is always easy to follow a set course. When you are new to business and you are not quite sure of which way you should go to make your business spell success, franchising offers you the guidelines and a tried and tested route that might not mint you money right at first, but it won’t let your hard-earned investments to go astray. You simply cash on in the reputation of the brand you are representing.

However, the basic needs for business stay unchanged. You still need to follow (read: stick to) the same principles of a ‘good management’ to guarantee success.

These are:

i. Hard work.
ii. Informed decision-making.
iii. Good time-management skills.
iv. Enough fund to support the business during its growth period.
v. Good customer support.

Note: These apply more to situations if there’s a requirement for developing the market for the brand in the designated area.

• The advantages of a gardening franchise:

Things are not any different when you are willing to take up a franchise from a Garden Maintenance Services/landscaping company. It will offer you the independence of running a small business while fully getting the support of a big gardening business network.

Here, you don’t need to be an experienced gardener or landscaping expert to start with. The Gardening Businesses For Sale franchisor will set you up for it by providing the necessary training to operate within their set business model, resulting in a higher success rate for a start-up business. Your finance is also going to stay better secured and you will end up investing less than you would otherwise require if you are starting a new business.

With the franchisors’ specific marketing and advertising plans, getting a hold over an existing market becomes easier; even with seasonal gardening plans, which require varied product supply line, expertise and to an extent, a higher purchasing power.

To top it all, when it comes to discounted prices, you’ll be executing a set structure which you won’t require to brainstorm and run the risks for losses. Still, if you need guidance regarding that, you can always fall back on the experts based at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters. These support staff will always be there to help franchisees with the problems they are experiencing and that’s not only with the money but also with marketing, sales, technology and operations. Even field representatives; whose job is to reach out to franchisees and assist them with every aspects of the gardening business at their own locations.

Philip subsequently sold over 500 franchises over the next 15 years, before selling the Jim’s Mowing South Australian Regional Franchise in 2005. Philip also developed the second largest Jim’s Customer Contact Centre in Adelaide servicing five States and Territories and over 600 franchisees before selling this in early 2007. From May 2007 thru to October 2009, Philip worked for Jim's Group as the Divisional Manager for Jim's Mowing. Philip also consulted to the Jim’s Group National Office from September 2011 thru to February 2012.