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Advantages Of Having Louvre & Roman Blinds Installed

Press Release   •   Nov 18, 2016 17:55 AEDT

Roman BlindsColours are always attractive. It applies to your dress, your car and also to your home. Lively colours make your interiors come alive and by that, we don’t mean the walls, floor and the ceilings only! There’s more to a well-decorated interior than that.

Ask anyone entering your home about where their eyes go to first. Most of the times it will be the centrepieces, or the sprawling long divan or maybe, an indoor waterfall! But, all these need a background to come up at their fullest. The main attraction for your indoors is nothing unless it’s balanced well with the surrounding.

Here, the colourful accessories play a major role. Curtains and drapes hung on the windows can enhance the effects of the rest of the things around; even wall hangings and paintings. But it does take some skills and eyes to set the aesthetics right, which starts primarily with the window treatment. However, curtains and drapes are now a thing long past; shift to Louvre and Roman blinds instead. You won’t believe how they can improve your home’s inner magnificence!

With Louvre and Roman blinds, the first advantage that comes along is they impart a trendy look. Delectable designs and appearances – they are way different from the traditional curtains and fabric drapes and fit the other interior decorations perfectly. You can match the other sections of a house with a series of Roman and Louvre blinds, including kitchens and bathrooms.

As for the other advantages, both Louvre and Roman blinds are convenient to use; installation is as easy as you can think of, so is maintenance and cleaning. But, you need to choose the fabrics correctly for that. For example, if it’s for the kitchen, the fabric needs to be flame resistant and must not catch oil as cotton fabric would. Else, it would result in frequent washing, which is pretty inconvenient.

Both types of Blinds Oakleigh work out as good insulators. They help control glare and temperature; additionally, there are fabrics available nowadays with antibacterial properties and UV resistance, which help in maintaining the colour of both the room and the fabric long time. These are usually polyester fabrics and deflect maximum heat and light.

An additional advantage is in this age of automation, you get remote controlled blinds that you can operate without leaving your place and the option is available for all different sizes of Louvre and Roman Blinds Oakleigh.

So, welcome optimum privacy with your choice of Roman and Louvre blinds. All you need to do is choose the design, the colour and the size. From bedroom to the boardroom and everything in between (including clinics and healthcare facilities), Louvre and Roman blinds are one-stop-solution to turn your interiors into a double comfort zone.

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