Aluminium Balcony Balustrades: Combining Safety and Security

Press Release   •   May 19, 2016 16:07 AEST

Aluminium Balcony BalustradesAluminium balcony balustrades are wind and weatherproof making them an ideal choice for outdoor spaces and extended balconies. Aluminium is as strong and sturdy as steel, making the enclosed space safe and secure for the residents. Combined with glass, aluminium balcony balustrades enhance the light and spacious feel within a home.

Traditionally, railings and bars were used for the safety and security of external balconies located at ground level as well as those situated on the upper floors. Although iron bars and railings combine the safety and security aspect, with a cage-like appearance, they do little to enhance the aesthetics of the structure. They also need regular upkeep and painting making them a costly option in terms of maintenance.

The modern, contemporary building structures these days use aluminium balustrades combined with glass panels that not only look beautiful but also combine the crucial safety and security aspects. In addition, glass and aluminium balcony balustrades are easier to install, work out cheaper and last for decades.

Toughened glass used in aluminium balcony balustrading systems is a strong material that combines safety and security. Glass is transparent allowing for natural light as well as uninterrupted views making it an ideal option to combine with aluminium balcony balustrades.

Construction projects across Australia are increasingly choosing aluminium balustrades over any other material due to several advantages. As we said at the outset, aluminium is weatherproof and does not corrode even when exposed to the harshest of weather. Additionally, it can be powder coated to any colour of choice, extending its life even more. Combined with glass panelling, aluminium balcony balustrades are particularly suited to coastal areas.

Maintenance of iron balconies and railings was always a major issue, but with aluminium balcony balustrades, there is no maintenance to worry about. Glass and aluminium balustrades are very easy to clean – simply wipe with a damp cloth to have them looking like new. In case of accidental damage, the section or panel can be easily and safely replaced with a newly fabricated one.

Home owners prefer aluminium balcony balustrades not only because they combine safety and security of the residents, but also because they are easy on the pocket. Aluminium balustrading systems are not as expensive as wood and they can be fabricated to any intricate design of your choice. Furthermore, they can be colour co-ordinated to match the building's exterior design and the best part is that they are reasonably maintenance free.

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