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Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 22:52 AEDT

best aluminium Pool FencingTraditionally, wood or iron was the material used for balustrades and fencing. Decorated wooden balustrades added to the beauty of a building structure. Iron or wrought iron was the preferred material used for fences to protect and demarcate the property. However, today people prefer aluminium balustrades and fencing because it is not only durable and strong but it is also non-corrosive, lightweight and easy to maintain.

Today, the construction industry favours aluminium balustrades and fencing in Sydney simply because it is a cost effective option. Several factors make aluminium the preferred choice for balustrades and fences. Firstly, price wise aluminium is cheaper than wood or iron. It is a durable material which is not easily damaged or destroyed.

Aluminium balustrades and fencing Sydney although lightweight are extremely strong. They can be polished and colour coated to your choice or to match the surrounding colour scheme. Aluminium is easily moulded and can be fashioned into beautiful, decorative balustrades and fences. In addition, aluminium balustrades and fences are easy to handle so they can be easily installed within a short time.

Maintenance of an iron fence or balustrade requires lot of time and effort which proves to be financially draining in the long run. On the other hand, aluminium balustrades and fencing do not need much maintenance because it is not affected by extreme weather nor does it corrode like iron. Wiping the balustrade with a damp cloth is enough to get it clean and shining.

Your aluminium balustrade or fence will look as good as new even after several years of installation. The colour coating rarely fades and even if some part is damaged or destroyed, your aluminium balustrade and fencing specialist in Sydney can resolve the issue in no time.

For the environmentally conscious folks, aluminium is the best balustrading and fencing material. Aluminium is easily recycled and can be put back to good use. Using aluminium prevents the felling of trees and thus protects the environment.

Trimlite is the aluminium balustrades and fencing specialist in Sydney who can take care of all your requirements. Just head to and you can get all the information you need.

Aluminium fences are particularly suited for pool areas as it is not affected by the moisture in the surroundings. Also you can combine other materials like glass to create a modern and sleek barrier around the pool that does not block out the views. Check out the various options and designs that Trimlite has to offer. They can custom design your aluminium pool fence, garden fence or balustrade to meet your specific requirements. Prices are reasonable and you might just get that intricately designed aluminium balustrade within your budget.

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