Aluminium Fencing - Long Lasting and Effective Fencing Solution

Press Release   •   Dec 26, 2013 17:28 AEDT

Aluminium FencingGet a fencing solution that will not only serve you for security purposes but offer an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living.

Aluminium fencing helps to provide optimal safety to both residential and commercial properties. This type of fencing is on high demand due to its aesthetic properties as well as the ability to offer protection and privacy. Aluminium fencing is mostly used to fence around the pools and gardens.

Aluminium glass fencing can guarantee a fence free from surface or structural defects such as rust, warp, crack or shrink. And when it is applied as a finish coating of pre-coloured powder you are assured of a fence life against visible corrosion thus increasing its longevity despite the moisture content and water from the pool or garden.

Aluminium fencing manufacturers ensure clients are totally satisfied with their aluminium fencing options. They fabricate aluminium fences of the highest standards with varied meshes, thickness, colours and sizes with the purest raw materials. Aluminium fencing manufacturers are well-equipped with technology and sophisticated machinery to develop a wide range of superbly designed aluminium fences. This guarantees availability of aluminium fencing solution of your desired size and style.

You can always get aluminium fencing from any aluminium fencing suppliers. Pay a visit to your local aluminium suppliers so as to get the fencing materials at reasonable costs and choose the fencing style that will effectively work for you. You can as well ask for a customized aluminium fence that suits your style and help complement your exterior decor such as having a decorative finish to provide a chic look. This will ensure that you get the fence of your choice without its quality being compromised.

Aluminium Fencing design and Installation

There is quite a huge variety of designs that suits all kinds of application. The slates come with different widths and the spacing between them and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the client; spacing between the slates can be reduced to enhance Aluminium privacy screens. The fencing posts can be installed above the ground and supported by a base or in-ground if you opt for a permanent fencing solution.

Features and Benefits

• Tough texture and powder coated finishes enhances durability of the fence and also makes it fade, rust and scratch resistant.

• Aluminium fencing has a concealed fixing system that helps veil the unattractive rivets and screws.

• Incredibly strong making the fence hard to breach.

• Can be customized to virtually any desired design, style and finishing options such as picket for adornment as well as to enhance security.

• Harsh weather-resistant.

• Highly attractive and requires little maintenance.

• Flawlessly blends with landscape.

Aluminium slat fencing materials are affordable and lightweight.

• Resistant to termites and other boring insects.

• Aluminium fencing is easy to install and you can set it up on your own.

• Can be installed on uneven ground with natural contours.

Mic Pilon is a succesfull business owner, writer and Business consultant. He has at least 15 years experience in owning and running an Aluminium balustrading factory which sells and distributes Aluminium fencing products across Australia. Mic is also responsible for many NEW inventions in the industry which can save companies time and money by applying his unique and patented advanced balustrading system called Alumirail.This technology eliminates the need to use bulky and time consuming scaffolding when installing balustrading on balconies.