Why Use Commercial Balustrades

Press release   •   Jul 04, 2016 20:16 AEST

Standard Balustrades RailingsCommercial structures like office buildings, community halls, schools, shopping malls and business complexes are places where a large number of people assemble at any given point in time. Large crowds lay a stress on the buildings facilities which is the reason why there are different building codes and standards applicable to commercial structures as compared to residential buildings. And this is the main reason why you should use commercial balustrades for a commercial project that is likely to have several people using the space.

Balustrades are constructed to ensure the safety of the people using the stairs, balconies, passages and ramps. The Building Code of Australia lays down the standards for a commercial structure and all builders must comply with them. There are specific codes to be complied with in case of balustrades as well. Accordingly, every staircase must have a balustrade or some type of barrier so that people can move up and down safely. Handrails must also be provided for proper support and grip.

Commercial balustrades are manufactured keeping in mind the heavy usage of the stairs by people moving from one level to another. Sturdy supports and railings are used to build commercial balustrades in keeping with the Australian standards. After all balustrades are meant to provide safety to the users.

Public spaces are used by all types of people including those with disabilities. Commercial balustrades must be built to comply with the standards set out for ease of access by disabled people. Therefore it makes good sense to set up commercial balustrades for an office building or shopping mall or any other public place in Australia.

Various types of material can be used to build Commercial Balustrading, ranging from wrought iron, steel, aluminium and of course, wood. Steel and glass balustrading systems are quite common but aluminium balustrades are also in much demand for commercial buildings in Australia.

Modern architectural requirements call for sleek and futuristic designs, Commercial Balustrade are more commonly made in glass and steel. Aluminium balustrades have also gained popularity due to several advantages as well as being extremely economical.

Aluminium is a versatile material that does not rust or corrode. It is lightweight yet sturdy and can be combined with other materials like glass to achieve a contemporary look. Commercial aluminium balustrades can be powder coated and colour co-ordinated to match the exteriors of the building. Additionally, they are low on maintenance.

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