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Aluminium Louvres Provide Excellent Insulation and Added Privacy

Press Release   •   May 19, 2016 15:36 AEST

Aluminium ShuttersAluminium louvres are similar to shutters or blinds but with horizontal slats that may be adjusted to let in light and air but keep out direct sun or rain. Aluminium louvres provide excellent insulation and added privacy because the slats can be closed to keep out the rain or cold as well as the outdoor noise.

Maximum Ventilation

Besides providing insulation and privacy to your home, aluminium louvres also allow for maximum ventilation, keeping the house cool and in turn reducing your air-conditioning costs. When the louvre blades or slats are fully open in the horizontal position, they let in maximum air and light in the room. This not only allows the fresh air to circulate in the room but also keeps your house a few degrees cooler during the summer months.

Excellent Insulation

During the cold winter months, the slats can be shut to help retain the heating in the room. Aluminium louvres thus provide excellent insulation against the cold. The aluminium slats can be replaced with glass blades in winter to let in the warmth of the sun in the room. Closing the slats of your aluminium louvres also insulates the house from the outside noise. Since the slats are adjustable, you can control the amount of air, light or sounds that filter into the room.

Added Privacy

Window coverings are an important component making up the privacy and security aspect of the house. Aluminium louvres provide added privacy when the slats are in a closed position. They can be angled to a position where the privacy is maintained but the air can easily pass through giving the room an airy feel.

Easy Maintenance

Aluminium being non-corrosive does not require much maintenance. Your aluminium louvres can be easily cleaned by simply dusting them off or wiping them clean with a damp cloth occasionally.

Since aluminium can be powder coated to any colour of your choice, aluminium louvres can be easily colour co-ordinated with the rest of the house. Powder coating enhances the life of aluminium louvres so that they last for decades, making it a material of choice in the construction industry.

Apollo Blinds is the place to get the best quality aluminium louvres for your home. These sleek and stylish window coverings not only provide excellent insulation and added privacy but also increase the value of your home. Price wise, aluminium is cheaper than timber and steel, it is also low on maintenance costs thus making aluminium louvres the most cost effective option to use in your home.

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