Aluminum Fencing – Best Choice for Your Home Security

Press Release   •   Jun 06, 2017 21:57 AEST

Aluminum FencingOne of the most commonly thought of problems today is the lack of security around our homes. However, there is an easy way to increase the security around your home is to add an aluminum fence. At first thought, you may be taken by surprise by the cost of adding an aluminum fence to your property. It is true, aluminum fencing is more costly than adding a wooden fence, but you save a lot of money when it comes to maintaining your investment.

What should be your top considerations when you are considering aluminum fencing, the best choice for your home security.

The Price of Aluminum Fencing

When you are considering the cost associated with adding an aluminum fence to your property, you may be shocked at the initial price of having one installed. Even though aluminum fencing costs more than wooden fencing, you have to weigh the cost on a long-term basis. An aluminum fence requires practically no upkeep, where a wooden fence must be sealed, painted, or stained n a regular basis.

When compared to other fencing options, aluminum fencing is far less expensive than steel fencing, or wrought iron fencing.

Aluminum Fencing is Actually Cost Effective

If you purchase the aluminum fencing and install it yourself, you could save more than 40%, versus having a company install it. As soon as the fence is installed properly, the value of your home increases and your property value, and decreases your homeowner's insurance.

Since the goal of a security fence is to prevent burglars from entering your home and stealing your most prized possessions.

The Difference between a Fence and a Security Fence

There is a big difference between an aluminum fence and aluminum Security Fencing. A standard aluminum fence is 48 inches tall. However, an aluminum security fence can range between 54 and 60 inches tall. The added height makes the fence hard to jump or climb over, and even more difficult to climb over with the additional weight of your hard earned items.

If you do not feel that 60 inches is tall enough, you can purchase a fence that is up to 8 foot tall.

Do You Only Need One Security Fence?

The truth is, the number of fences you need depends on your situation. If you have a pool in your yard, you should install a fence that completely surrounds your pool. National homeowners insurance regulations mandate the security fence around your pool is at least 54 inches tall. However, because of the safety hazard pools can pose, many homeowners choose to install a 60-inch tall aluminum fence around their pool.

If you are considering the addition of an Aluminium Fencing, you should weigh your options carefully. Contact your homeowner's insurance carrier before you finalize your decision. Find out what height of security fence will reduce your premium the most. This will ensure that you reap all of the benefits from the expense of adding an aluminum security fence to your property.

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