Architecturally Beautiful Commercial and Residential Balustrade Systemsq

Press Release   •   May 05, 2016 19:03 AEST

Decorative Balustrades & Railings SydneyThe finishing touches make all the difference to the appearance of a commercial or residential property. Architecturally beautiful commercial and residential balustrade systems create a unique visual effect that sets your property apart from the surrounding structures. Balustrade systems are used to define entryways, terraces, balconies, verandas, staircases and porches on your property to highlight and display its beauty.

Decorative balustrade systems can be co-ordinated easily with your commercial or residential structure. Whether you want to enhance the present architecture or construct a new one, a balustrade system can be easily accommodated in your building structure. It is an essential safety feature which also introduces an architecturally beautiful element into your commercial or residential complex.

A balustrade system consists of the top and bottom railings to lend support to the balusters, newel posts that provide the balance and newel caps that provide the finished look. Glass balustrade systems consist of glass panels supported by metal frames; the latest design is frame-less and semi-framed glass balustrades that are supported by metal posts. Aluminium and steel frames are preferred in modern day architecture as they give a sleek and futuristic look to the building.

Architecturally beautiful commercial and residential balustrade systems lend a cosmetic beauty to the overall structural design as they can easily be customised to suit the contours of the building. Balustrades can be fitted on to straight or curved spaces, rooftops and stairwells quite easily. They can be mounted on surfaces such as wood, stone, concrete and bricks.

Aluminium balustrade systems by Trimlite not only enhance the overall architectural appearance of your commercial or residential structure but also provides an element of safety. Aluminium balustrades are preferred by the construction industry because they are a durable and cost-effective option. Several other features also make aluminium balustrade system the perfect choice for commercial as well as residential buildings.

Aluminium is a versatile material – it can be moulded into panels, sheets, and decorative shapes to create an architecturally beautiful balustrade system that complements the building structure. Above all, it can be powder coated for colour co-ordination with the rest of the building.

Being corrosion resistant, aluminium Commercial Balustrade systems are long lasting and maintenance free. Minimal repairs and maintenance make it an ideal choice especially for commercial buildings. On the rare occasion when repairs become necessary, the damaged portion can be fabricated and easily replaced within a short time.

Balustrade systems for commercial properties must cater to the needs of high traffic areas and are therefore installed with heavy duty fittings. Sleek and stylish architectural designs complete a modern look. Trimlite is the balustrading specialist that has been taking up commercial and residential balustrading projects in Australia.

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