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Press release   •   Mar 13, 2015 03:57 AEDT

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Is there anything more luxurious than genuine stone and marble for your home? The textures and colors, the solid and unique look and feel - nothing is quite like it when it comes to home interiors. For anyone in New South Wales, the number one name in stone is Arciuli.

granite and marble countertops for your kitchen are the height of luxury for both style and functionality. These are distinctive materials for the surfaces of your home. Granite is gorgeous with its flecks of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Its formation happens when the earth's core pushes hot magma up and out and it cools slowly. As the cooling happens, it crystallizes. The patterns of mineral grains are large and distinct, reminiscent of a jigsaw puzzle. The process that makes granite means that it is very strong and durable, and it has resurged as an ideal building and construction material.

Granite works so well in the kitchen area because of this strength and durability. It can be given a very high gloss finish - polishing all those mineral grains so their color is highlighted and the character of the piece of stone is revealed. It is practically impervious to dings and minor soiling as nothing adheres to it. The sealing process is guaranteed for 15 years and comes with a warranty, so you don't have to worry about re-sealing for at least that long. Counters and backsplashes in granite are tough, beautiful, easy to clean and practically worry-free.

The other stone Arciuli specializes in is marble. This metamorphic rock is formed as great pressure is exerted within the earth's crust. Marble is greatly valued for its exception beauty and also for is strength. Buildings, monuments, and all types of structures have been constructed of marble over the centuries - and now you can have it for your kitchen and bath structures. Each piece of marble is unique, but all of it is classic and gives an upscale look and feel to your home. Marble is really strong, but it is also softer than granite. It requires more maintenance and can be scratched, stained, or etched so some care is required when you have this gorgeous stone in your home.

Arciuli also specializes in engineered stone surfaces like Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Smartstone, Silestone and more. These man-made products are composes of quartz and added polymers that are high-performance and very resistant when it comes to wear and tear. If your home sees a lot of use from entertaining or small family members, these stone products could be your saving grace. They are beautiful with many different colors and compositions, but they are built to withstand day-in and day-out use that could produce stains, cracks or scratches.

No matter what is chosen, Arciuli Stone will take care to install and help you maintain their stone products so you love them in your home. First class stone is their sole focus.

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At Arciuli, they understand how important it is to ensure that your marble or granite kitchen countertops are beautiful and functional. For more information, please visit http://www.arciuli.com.au


This press release outlines Arciuli's ability to provide quality marble and granite kitchen countertops.