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Choosing a print management service provider- these tips come in handy

Press Release   •   Jan 28, 2016 16:33 AEDT

With the businesses shifting online and global service providers becoming accessible, one faces a lot of confusions and doubts in context to which service provider to choose. Managing a company’s print needs is in itself a big task and therefore as soon as brand starts to grow, they prefer to outsource these things to those platforms that can handle the work in a better way and have an expertise in this. But since the options are many, it is important to strategize a few things that help you in choosing the best ones. Take a look at the points mentioned below to know more about the process.

Ø Checking the portfolio

Had you been working with a company does not work online but in a traditional way, you could go out and check their office and the resources that they have. But since most of the people work online these days, all you can do initially is to check their portfolio. This will give you the details of their previous clients and the work they have done. You can accordingly get an idea about the kind of work they will do.

Ø Quality of work

Many people compromise with the quality of services they are hiring for getting their prints managed just in order to save some money. However this decision can prove to be a bad one and is very risky. It is therefore advisable that one should not compromise in terms of the quality of work. The quality of raw materials like papers, boards, inks, colors, etc that they use should also be brought into consideration.

Ø Checking the samples

Requesting free samples is something that should be necessarily done before placing an order with a print management services provider. It is often seen that things differ from what they look like. So before placing a bulk order, either request for samples or place an order in small quantity to check the quality first. If you are satisfied, proceed with the quantity.

Ø Brand reputation and rates

Now this is a tricky point, as most of the bigger brands would charge you rates that are higher than the normal ones. However, this will be completely your decision to select a brand. When you do a little research you may get a few leads where the services are good and reasonable as well that you can choose accordingly.

Keep in mind these simple points and then you are good to go with your print service providers.

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