Commercial Balustrades And Aluminium Fencing To Create Beautiful Buildings

Press Release   •   Nov 15, 2016 17:00 AEDT

Commercial BalustradesIt’s the final, finishing touches that make all the difference! Commercial and residential properties are no exception to the norm and simple things can make that effect big. But that becomes possible only when architectural wisdom meets aesthetic senses. The question is “How?” or still better - “By what means?”

Balustrade systems show your sense of beauty along with a strong horse sense for safety. Apart from creating strong and unique visual effects, they set apart your property from other structures in the surrounding. Define an entryway or your terrace; ornate your balcony or give definition to your staircases and porches, balustrades and aluminium fencings always highlight and enhance the inherent beauty of your property.

It’s not that you’ll always need to opt for simple balustrades and aluminium fencings; you get a vast choice in the decorative variety too, which co-ordinate easily with any structure, whether commercial or residential. They add a new dimension to a present architecture and increase the visual appeal for newly constructed ones. Installing is easy; facelifts even easier! And apart from taking the aesthetics to new heights, balustrades and fencings bring essential safety features that you can hold (pun intended) on to.

When you look at the anatomy of a balustrade system, you’ll find there’s a top railing and a bottom one. They lend support to the balusters while the newel posts provide the necessary balance with newel caps bringing in the finished look. The aluminium variety is preferred more than glass as a material, simply because they bear a lot, require nominal maintenance and look much more sleek and futuristic. As a result, your building ends up looking sleeker and futuristic too! No issues even if your building has a lot of contours and bends; aluminium balustrades are highly customisable and the job is far less expensive than with glass. Curved spaces like rooftops and stairwells; surfaces like wood and stone – accommodate aluminium Commercial Balustrading and fencings better than glass, as much as concrete and bricks do.

As far as maintenance goes, aluminium asks for the least. Partly it’s because of the natural oxide coating it forms; partly because it’s hardy enough to withstand the weight of people leaning or resting against it. Unlike glass, you don’t need to stay cautious every moment in fear of stains, cracks and shatters. That aside, glass is high maintenance and costs many times more. Aluminium, being highly malleable, ductile and lightweight, makes for a better option than costly, brittle glass. Besides, it can be powder-coated for colour co-ordination with the rest of your building.

Therefore, if you are looking for an economic way to enhance the beauty of the architecture for your building, opt for corrosion resistant aluminium Commercial Balustrade and aluminium fencing. Your choice shall be long-lasting as well as maintenance-free.

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