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Press release   •   Apr 20, 2013 13:30 AEST

Compensation Injury connects you with Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra, who is recommended by the Australian Injury Helpline. No matter where you are in Australia, you will receive claim assistance when you call our friendly staff. We specialise in connecting you with the most relevant Personal Injury Lawyer according to your needs and situation.

Finding Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra

If you are based in Canberra or the ACT area, and an unforeseen accident has happened to you, then BEFORE you talk to workers compensation Canberra, you need to talk to one of our specialists. You will be directed to relevant and recommended Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra. Why? Because it’s important to speak to recommended personal injury lawyers Canberra.

What is the best way to find personal injury lawyers Canberra?

Firstly, contact us at Compensation Injury by calling our Injury Helpline on 1300 757 447. We will guide you to the next step with free information, free forms and free advice.

You may like to look over the following points to see which area of expertise you will need assistance with. Then let Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra determine exactly which lawyer will be best suited to your needs.

Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra for work injury compensation

If you’ve been involved in a work accident, you may need advice. It is important to know the difference between statutory work injury compensation and Non Statutory work injury compensation and common law claims.

Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra for car injury compensation

Car injury compensation laws vary from state to state regarding claims. Some operate on fault-based schemes while others operate on non-fault based schemes. It’s important to be talking to car accident compensation lawyers Canberra who is knowledgeable in the field of expertise with the right skills. Did you know that if you’re missing some detail, for example the name of the other driver, then you may still be entitled to claim car injury compensation?

Personal Injury Lawyers Canberra helpline will help you to determine which state laws could be applicable, as the Personal Injury laws differ from state to state.

Lawyers have specialities and it’s important that you are put in touch with a lawyer who is trained in the laws regarding the particular state which are applicable.

Reputable Compensation Lawyers Canberra

We only recommend reputable lawyers who are known to the industry for integrity and knowledge. It’s important to speak with our friendly and helpful staff on the helpline before you branch out into the unknown territory of the Yellow Pages or Google. We’ve done that hard work for you. We know who has a good industry reputation and who doesn’t.

What does it mean when they say no no win no fee lawyers Canberra

In essence ‘no win no fee’ means that our recommended lawyers will only receive a payment when your case has won or has secured a satisfactory outcome. If your case doesn’t win, then there is no fee payable. Our compensation lawyers Canberra can stand by this claim, as they are confident in their skills and knowledge of the law and will advise you well.

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We are experts in handling personal injury claims. The law in this respect is complex and insurance companies have relentless and expensive legal representation to minimise their payout in compensation cases. So make sure you seek assistance and representation from the best legal specialist to ensure you receive your full compensation entitlements.