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Connect Hearing Launches 2014 Consumers Guide to Hearing Aids

Press release   •   Feb 28, 2014 14:57 AEDT

Connect Hearing, the Australian network of hearing centres, has announced the launch of the 2014 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids. The 19th edition of this guide provides consumers with a comprehensive catalogue of hearing aid products. This guide has been made available to consumers at no cost, and can be ordered by simply filling out a web form online.

The consumer's guide serves as a catalogue for the latest hearing aids on the market. Over 350 models are compared, including new units with wireless connectivity, programmability, and improved sound performance. New style trends are also detailed. Potential buyers are provided with the added benefit of being able to read up on the consumer's choice in order to identify the most comfortable and convenient hearing aids for their personal use.

The 2014 Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids is the only independent source of such products and comparisons. The latest edition represents the newest technologies which have been integrated. For anyone considering a hearing aid, it takes the guess work out of the process. Buyers also have a more detailed assessment than what other resources provide.

Connect Hearing is now distributing the guide to highlight its commitment to service and the customer's experience. It also works with clients to find hearing aids which are most suited for the wearer's lifestyle. In addition to hearing aids, it provides a range of listening devices such as phone amplifiers, as well as ear plugs to help prevent hearing damage.

Connect Hearing also provides online resources covering pricing, as well as an online hearing test. Visitors can also book a hearing test in person, conducted by a specialised audiologist. Tests can be booked by filling out an embedded form.

Testimonials, stories, and articles are also available online to help customers better understand the company's products, their function, and benefits. Visitors also have the option of subscribing to the organisation's newsletter that features up-to-date news and stories. To learn more about these and to download the new consumer guide, go to

About Connect Hearing:
Connect Hearing is a national network of professional hearing centres. Connect Hearing's team of hearing specialists help people across Australia manage their hearing difficulties through hearing assessments, innovative digital hearing instruments and other helpful listening devices. To help clients regain or maintain the lifestyle they cherish, Connect Hearing take time to listen, before offering advice in a caring, yet straightforward way, and introducing the client to products and support that Connect Hearing believe are best suited to the client's needs.